Low Fees Without Hidden Charges

We always provide a full explanation of our costs, charges, and services with complete transparency

The charge for our initial advice relates to the amount and complexity of the work we carry out. In most cases there will also be an annual charge for ongoing advice and the working relationship with your adviser.

We are committed to clearly communicating our fees and how our services benefit our clients. Our fees will be explained in detail throughout the various stages of our planning process. These will also be confirmed in writing prior to the implementation of any plans.

FairTrade IFA is focused on developing long-standing relationships built on trust, service and value for money. 

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Where Next?

Wealth Management

Comprehensive wealth management, focusing on forming strong and lasting relationships that support you in achieving your goals and financial wellbeing.

Pension Advice

Prioritising your best interests, advice on your pension will be clear, trustworthy and jargon-free, ensuring that what is best for you is central to what we do.

Investment Advice

Understanding and supporting our clients for the long-term, our team will help find the right investment solutions for you.

Retirement Planning

Putting your retirement needs first and understanding that a key aspect of retirement is being able to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Inheritance and Succession

Our experts are here to help guide you through this advice process and ensure that your plans align with legal requirements and best practices.

Migration Services

We partner with multi jurisdiction advisers to provide continued support and advice to our clients, wherever they are in the world.

Cashflow Forecasting

Our experts will help you understand your cash requirements, giving you the freedom to achieve your goals and make financial decisions.

Discover how your future can benefit from our financial planning services